Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a very powerful marketing platform.

You can reach thousands - even millions of potential customers with a well planned and operated social media marketing strategy.

The reason that so many businesses don't take full advantage of this low cost promotional method, is that they are spending their time doing what they do best - running their own businesses!
To successfully take advantage of social media, you need the time to plan, write and design strategies on an ongoing basis.  Each has to be written in a way that gets search engines pricking up their ears and customers clicking links to learn more or buy more.
Occasional and sporadic forays into the social media world are not going to get you traction! 

Let's face it, it is a daunting and scary place if you are not sure of what you are doing.   As social media marketing strategists, we take that burden off you, posting and promoting relevant and thought provoking content, designed specifically to get reaction.

More importantly, we take measures to insure we see the responses to each and every exercise we carry out for you.  We will come up with the ideas and the plans and implement measurement strategies to see which campaigns are returning the most enquiries and to fine tune campaigns to get the most out of any investment made.

Of course, there is no silver bullet, but without a plan and a carefully thought out strategy, you could be throwing hard earned money (and time) to the wind!

We have several packages that cover all budgets and circumstances. Each package is carried out with all the experience and attention to detail that businesses have come to expect from Bulldog Creative.  Get in touch with us to see which package suits your needs at the moment and we'll take it all from there.

1. Content Preparation

The basic package, whereby you supply us with the outline of posts and articles and we craft it to suit
your chosen delivery platform. This could include text and images. To prepare and write a bank of
articles/posts that can be used throughout the year and at sporadic or spontaneous intervals.


2. Strategy Design and Content Preparation

In addition to the basic package, we will devise an ongoing media release plan. This will involve
formulating what information to release and where, with a clear measurability factor. Planned over two
or three month blocks to enable us to analyse the results.


3. Media Management, Strategy Design and Content Preparation

All of the above and in addition we will directly manage the posting and uploading of the information
to the platforms chosen in the plan. This is likely to involve up to daily release and analysis and would
require access to all areas (website and social media accounts). We would also require budgets to spend
should we recommend paid-for advertising on any of the platforms.

$225/week (+ expenses)

4. Total Marketing Package

All of the above, plus where appropriate management of third party backlinks, public and trade press
releases, exhibition or event opportunities, video contracting, webinars, competitions etc.

$395/week (+ expenses)

All suggested prices exclude GST.

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