Discovery Day

Ferntree Gully Village Discovery dayBulldog Supports Ferntree Gully Village Discovery Day

Bulldog Creatrix have been proud to support the community run Discovery Day for 2014 for the second year running.

The event has been put together entirely by volunteers and is a testament to the strong community spirit in Ferntree Gully Village.  The event is a celebration of Ferntree Gully Village's rich diversity, spirit and history, with the village opening it's doors with activities, street entertainment and stalls.

For our part, Bulldog Creatrix offered our creative marketing skills to help promote the day throughout the area of Knox and beyond, starting off with a logo to reflect the village and the energy of the event.  We were keen to project an image of fun whilst introducing an element that expresses the village's unique natural leafy charm in the foothills of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.

Of course, the ubiquitous ferntree leaf had to be central in the logo design.  By adding some colour to the fronds of the leaves and having them fan out from a visual explosion of colour created that feeling of fun we were after.  Quirky fonts helped to convey the diversity and variety of events that visitors could experience at the event.

Having established that style and feel, we went on to apply the same principles to posters, postcards and banners for the promotion.

The marketing collateral was distributed amongst the traders and outlets around the area.  Our suggestion was also to distribute marketing material along the Belgrave line, with a view to draw commuters from suburbs along the line into Ferntree Gully station where the heart of the Discovery Day is to take place.

Ferntree Gully Artisan MarketThe Discovery Day also incorporates the Ferntree Gully Artisan Market, the logo for which, we designed to complement the Discovery Day logo.

The Artisan Market will be held monthly over summer in Station Street and showcases the work of artists and crafts people from around the Ferntree Gully area.

A guide to the Discovery Day event, in the form of a village map, was designed and illustrated by Pete Rowe and published in the Ferntree Gully News prior to the event, so that visitors have a guide to hand.

"It is a pleasure to work with people committed to bringing something different to the area where they live or work.  Ferntree Gully Village has a remarkable community spirit, focused around the Community House of the Mountain District Learning Centre.  I jumped at the chance to support those organisers – all of whom are volunteers."

Pete Rowe, Senior Partner, Bulldog Creatrix

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