Revitalise your logo

logoRevitalise your logo!

Have you lost your original logo artwork?  Relying on low resolution artwork grabbed off your website? Is the quality of your most important marketing asset letting you down?

This is something we come across quite often, so we are offering a service to recreate your logo making it sharp and vibrant for use in print and signage.

Your logo is the face of your business. When you first had it designed, it was probably bright, clear and colourful.  Unfortunately, over the years it has been used and re-used, scanned or copied so many times that now all you have is a degraded low quality version that resembles a threadbare carpet!

It is also often the case that the original designer has disappeared into the mists of time, or maybe you have forgotten who designed it because it was created so long ago.

All too often we are commissioned to design a high quality brochure, advert or signage, with the client telling us to grab their logo off the internet.

Any images downloaded from the internet are almost certainly low resolution - certainly too poor to be used in quality reproduction.  When you try to print this it will end up looking like a potato print.  Try to blow it up for signage and it will break up into a jagged, pixelated mess.

Your business deserves better than that. Don't let all the hard work you do in your business be devalued by a shoddy quality logo!

Now Bulldog Creatrix are offering a service to recreate the logo in high resolution, scaleable format that can be used for any application - from a business card to signage without any degradation.

We will provide the revitalised logo in formats for print and web from as little as $200.


Be Aware!  You must be the rightful owner of the logo.  Breaches of copyright are a serious offence and can carry large fines.

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