Unique caricatures

Alan Joyce caricatureUnique Caricatures!

Ever been in a position where the company CEO is celebrating something really special and you've been given the responsibility to arrange a memorable present?  Maybe a milestone anniversary, an industry award or even retirement!
Bulldog Creatrix have the perfect, unique solution that is a one–off; a hand drawn caricature that will kept as a memorable momento for ever.

Senior partner, Pete Rowe, an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist, can craft a stunning portrait directly from images supplied by you.  His creative renditions will capture the spirit and moment in a striking and humorous way.  There is no equal to a professionally designed caricature.  They are unique and customised precisely to your requirements.  No one will have another one like it!

In these days of homogenised, mass produced items, what better than a caricature that can never be repeated?  The internet is packed with 'off-the-shelf' products from gift cards and sing-a-grams, to templated images which just drop in the face of your subject.  All of these items are good, but they are not unique.  They have not had the thought and professional touch that makes them a treasured item.

Of course, the subject is not restricted to your CEO.  Pete's craft can be applied to anyone; any rank, any age, male or female.  All we need from you is a clear photo (or preferably several photos) and a brief description of the subject - their distinguishing traits, hobbies, mannerisms – whatever you consider to be pertinent and relevant to their character.

These unique caricatures start from $300 and we are more than happy to negotiate a price based on the detail, style and colour you think will make the caricature have the maximum impact for your purpose.

Give us a call and have a chat with us.  We want to make your celebration very special.  You never know, you might even get a pay rise!

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