Belgravia Leisure LogoNew company profile

Belgravia Leisure commissioned The Bulldogs to design and print their new company profile, with a wonderfully prepared brief, but a challenging deadline!

Conspiracy theories awash around odd socks

It's one of life's conundrums…where does the odd sock go in the wash?  Is there some mysterious sartorial hinterland covered in odd socks? Is it some devious co-conspiracy hatched by white goods manufacturers and sock makers? Perhaps it's a plot by an underground movement to distable normailty by upsetting the established uniformity of balanced footwear.

Well, we don't know the answer, but we know how to prevent it happening!  A remarkable little gadget called the Wizzpeg is the answer.

Corporate identity for Clarity Taxation

Clarity Taxation & Business Services commissioned Bulldog Creatrix to mastermind their corporate identity when they launched their business in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Our challenge was avoid the boring, clinical look that people associate with the number crunchers that make up the majority of accountancy and taxation firms in the sector.

logoRevitalise your logo!

Have you lost your original logo artwork?  Relying on low resolution artwork grabbed off your website? Is the quality of your most important marketing asset letting you down?

This is something we come across quite often, so we are offering a service to recreate your logo making it sharp and vibrant for use in print and signage.

Orla and maeve kids play makeup

Orla and Maeve non-toxic play make up

Kids Play Makeup

Orla & Maeve produce a range of products, that every discerning parent has been seeking for years.  As any parent knows, little girls like to play with make-up.  However, closer inspection of proprietary brands of play make-up, reveals a host of chemical names and additives that can be detrimental to young skin.  Orla & Maeve have challenged that face on, as it were, and launched a range of safe, non-toxic products that kids can play with to their hearts content.

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