Property services

Property based design services

The Bulldog team have extensive experience in interior and exterior planning. Using our creative composition and colour design skills, we are able to provide consultancy services to property owners, landscapers and developers.

Every great outcome starts with an idea.  A vision.  Often that is hard to translate into a visual representation and that is where we come in!  It can be as simple as a ground plan diagram or as comprehensive as a full design and contract undertaking.   With the gift of creative thinking and years of experience combined with extensive industry contacts, we are able to help transform the pedestrian into the wonderful!

Our creative thinking has been applied to interiors as well as exteriors.  We are used to working to budgets in all of our design projects, whether it is marketing, website desig, packaging or print design.  This prepares us for tackling property projects which are similarly restricted to budget, if not more so.

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