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The digital revolution has fallen victim to its own success!  People are leaving social media in droves, but marketers are not heeding  the warnings.  If you are still pumping dollars and time into social media, then you need to take a long hard look at your marketing strategy.

Call it Corporate Identity or Branding, the business image is what helps identify it in a crowded marketplace.   The phrases fall off the tongues of marketers with abandon these days, but there are few businesses who really fully appreciate the power it has.

Bulldog Creatrix have always been a huge advocate for supporting local.  Our commitment to supporting local business, also extends to the community and we are always involved in contributing to local events and projects.

This is a golden opportunity to learn from one of the best and develop your skills as an artist or illustrator!

In the graphic design industry, illustration can struggle to find its natural resting place.

At one time, illustration was all there was to portray visual imagery. Before photography was available, Commercial Artists hand drew images from advertising material through to news articles. Even typography was hand drawn in most cases in advertising.

Whatever the design brief, a professional graphic designer, just like an architect, an engineer or a product designer applies certain parameters to their designs to ensure a specific outcome.
In some cases, the criteria for these parameters are, indeed, scientific formulas that have been proven over centuries to achieve a specific desired outcome.

Branding design and logos

One of the common mistakes some businesses are making in relation to their marketing, is to confuse their logo design with branding.