One of the common mistakes some businesses are making in relation to their marketing, is to confuse their logo design with branding.

When Clarity Taxation moved from one iconic building in Croydon North to an equally distinctive one in Belgrave, the Bulldogs sharpened their pencils!
We were to embark on a new journey with some old friends!

Whatever the design brief, a professional graphic designer, just like an architect, an engineer or a product designer applies certain parameters to their designs to ensure a specific outcome.
In some cases, the criteria for these parameters are, indeed, scientific formulas that have been proven over centuries to achieve a specific desired outcome.

In the graphic design industry, illustration can struggle to find its natural resting place.

At one time, illustration was all there was to portray visual imagery. Before photography was available, Commercial Artists hand drew images from advertising material through to news articles. Even typography was hand drawn in most cases in advertising.

Cut price design and print?

We have all seen the blanket advertising, especially in social media, by design and print farmers.  Are they any good and is it right for you?


Doing the Home Work

With the monumental rise in the numbers of people working from home, it is worth taking the time to consider some very important recommendations for your health and safety when using computers at home.

Rebranding Case Study – Tealeaves

Tealeaves are Melbourne's premier tea merchant with a core import, manufacture, wholesale and retail business, serving tea drinkers and the tea industry in all Australian states and several Asian countries. They also have their own unique retail outlet in the popular tourist destination of Sassafras in the Dandenong Ranges.

thermoplastic modellingThere are few things we love more at Bulldog Creatrix than packaging design.

Every product we are commissioned to design packaging or labels for has its own set of challenges and a range of products from Polymech were no exception! Two industrial use products that were to transition to retail.

wine label designWhen Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully embarked on a new range of vegan wines, Bulldog Creatrix were engaged to design the labels to give them that 'outside the box' feel that we are renowned for.

The result was something that is a departure from the normal, run-of-the-mill design you see stacked on the wine shelves every day!

Australian cartoonists Association

Pete Rowe accepted to The ACA

Founding partner of Bulldog Creatrix, Pete Rowe, has been accepted as a member of the Australian Cartoonists Association (ACA).

The ACA is the oldest association of professional cartoonists in the world, having been established in 1924.  It's members include some of the most respected and highly regarded cartoonists, illustrators and animators in the country.

Belgravia Leisure LogoNew company profile

Belgravia Leisure commissioned The Bulldogs to design and print their new company profile, with a wonderfully prepared brief, but a challenging deadline!

Conspiracy theories awash around odd socks

It's one of life's conundrums…where does the odd sock go in the wash?  Is there some mysterious sartorial hinterland covered in odd socks? Is it some devious co-conspiracy hatched by white goods manufacturers and sock makers? Perhaps it's a plot by an underground movement to distable normailty by upsetting the established uniformity of balanced footwear.

Well, we don't know the answer, but we know how to prevent it happening!  A remarkable little gadget called the Wizzpeg is the answer.

logoRevitalise your logo!

Have you lost your original logo artwork?  Relying on low resolution artwork grabbed off your website? Is the quality of your most important marketing asset letting you down?

This is something we come across quite often, so we are offering a service to recreate your logo making it sharp and vibrant for use in print and signage.

Corporate identity for Clarity Taxation

Clarity Taxation & Business Services commissioned Bulldog Creatrix to mastermind their corporate identity when they launched their business in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Our challenge was avoid the boring, clinical look that people associate with the number crunchers that make up the majority of accountancy and taxation firms in the sector.

Orla and maeve kids play makeup

Orla and Maeve non-toxic play make up

Kids Play Makeup

Orla & Maeve produce a range of products, that every discerning parent has been seeking for years.  As any parent knows, little girls like to play with make-up.  However, closer inspection of proprietary brands of play make-up, reveals a host of chemical names and additives that can be detrimental to young skin.  Orla & Maeve have challenged that face on, as it were, and launched a range of safe, non-toxic products that kids can play with to their hearts content.

Think Outside the Square . . . if you want to be a main player

OK, so you have your "online presence" as the mentors like to call it. 

Isn't that enough?

You have pages on every social media site you can find on Google.  You tweet, post, blog, chat, update and skype until you drop.  If you have enough time after all of that, you may even get to do some real work in your business before you fall, exhausted and fingers throbbing, into comatosed oblivion.

Cartoonist for Ferntree Gully NewsBonnie and Clyde

As an ongoing commitment to support the local community, Bulldog Creatrix have volunteered to contribute to our local newspaper the Ferntree Gully News. The puzzles feature the impish cartoon characters, Bonnie and Clyde and their boisterous friends.

Sepal baby feeding bottleBulldog have been commissioned to design a website by Sepal - designers of a new baby feeding system.

Sepal, in conjunction with the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, have developed the baby bottle teat using exhaustive research in the way infants feed.

...and if ranking isn't important?

Getting your business website on the first page of Google (or any other search engine) is, of course, crucial. Today, the vast majority of people use search engines to source information about products and services.

That is why those of us in the web design industry bang on about search engine optimisation all the time.  Indeed, we take pride in the fact that our clients' websites perform extremely well in searches with key phrases relating to their business - often ranking on the first page, sometimes at the top of the first page.

That's all well and good, but Google, for example, can only list a dozen or so sites and sometimes less.  The competition is fierce. Very fierce.

Alan Joyce caricatureUnique Caricatures!

Ever been in a position where the company CEO is celebrating something really special and you've been given the responsibility to arrange a memorable present?  Maybe a milestone anniversary, an industry award or even retirement!
Bulldog Creatrix have the perfect, unique solution that is a one–off; a hand drawn caricature that will kept as a memorable momento for ever.

Ferntree Gully Village Discovery dayBulldog Supports Ferntree Gully Village Discovery Day

Bulldog Creatrix have been proud to support the community run Discovery Day for 2014 for the second year running.

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