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Packaging Design

Packaging design is what separates the wheat from the chaff in the graphic design industry.

Imagine the number of cartons and packs you see just walking down any aisle in any supermarket;  we are bombarded with visual flags to try and catch our attention.  As graphic designers, at Bulldog Creatrix, our simple job is to stop that customer from walking past ypur product and to pick it up.  Once they have done that, our job is done!

Sounds easy, right?  But packaging design is one of the toughest challenges and one that is only successfully met by the best graphic designers in the business.
The partners at Bulldog were weened on retail packaging design and as such, we have the very best creative instincts when it comes to packaing design.  Not only are we experts in surface graphics, but we also specialise in pack engineering and sourcing.

Here are some examples from our portfolio
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